Yurt Summer

Yurts can make a fine style of accommodation in summer months. There are some tips and tricks you can employ to make sure your yurt does not become too hot.


Just as a well insulated yurt will keep you warm in winter, it will also keep you cool in summer. Modern fabrics can be very efficient as keeping the temperatures bearable inside the yurt. You can also add features such as window awnings and blinds to give more shade and keep out direct sunlight. 

You can choose a lighter colour for your roof cover. This will reflect the suns heat instead of absorbing it as a darker colour will. The same applies for the side cover.  You can select a thicker roof material too and double insulate it. This will trap the warm air above your cooler internal structure. 

If the door has glass you can add an awning to provide some extra shade cover. This will also prove useful in wetter weather too giving some extra shelter.


You can open windows to keep a steady flow of fresh air. Many Yurts now come with a skylight which can be opened to let in the breeze. If you have a power source from a generator or solar panels you can make use of an electric fan. Users state the best way to do this is to add a ceiling fan to get real air circulation.


By using the natural elements you can protect your Yurt from the weather. In summer you can choose a spot where there is shade. Check out the surroundings carefully before erecting the yurt. Mountains and trees can provide adequate shade. Even better if you can choose deciduous trees that lose their leaves in winter so your yurt will get the maximum amount of direct sunshine in the colder months.

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