Hidden Treasure Yurts

Where can I stay just for a weekend in a Yurt?

Perhaps you’re looking for a romantic getaway? Just you and a loved one in a beautiful landscape. Perhaps over looking a lush green valley, a still and quiet lake by moonlight or just somewhere you can gaze up at the stars. Glampinghub is a great site for find luxury camping, tree house accommodation, lodges, cabins and of course Yurts.

Fulford, Eagle County, Colorado : Hidden Treasure Yurts

Located in the region of New York Mountain, these cosy Yurts offer a perfect base for outdoor activities. Enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and fishing. Housing 6-8 people it’s perfect for groups too. There’s a wood burning stove, but no water supply.

Austin, Texas: Dripping Springs

Visit Dripping Springs and stay in a Mongolian style Yurt with skylight for star gazing. There’s also a pool on site and a winery and brewery next door.


Vineyard Yurt near barcelona

In the Manresa area of Catalonia, in North East Spain you’ll find the opportunity to stay in a yurt on a vineyard. With beautiful views of the vineyards and Montserrat.  It’s only an hour away from Barcelona but feels very secluded and peaceful in nature. If you visit during harvest season you can get involved with making the wine! There’s a private bathroom, fireplace and bbq area to enjoy warm summer evenings. 

Going Yurt Full Time

Many people have decided to set up home in a Yurt. There are many reasons for doing so, so here we explore some of the motivating factors to pitch up a tent on a more permanent basis.  Ironically of course Yurts were designed for nomadic lifestyles rather than for setting down roots. But since many people live in mobile homes or camping vans, a Yurt is for sure a more stationary, permanent move. 

Getting back to nature

The beauty of living in a yurt is being able to set up home practically anywhere. You will need to check permissions and land registry to ensure it is allowed to have a dwelling on the land, but if you can buy a plot in the countryside you can choose the location yourself.  You can be away from all major towns and cities in the peace and quiet of the natural landscape. Build a skylight in the top of your yurt to experience beautiful starlight skies, free from light pollution of the cities. You’ll also enjoy sunlight mornings. Several bloggers who have decided to take the plunge and build a yurt to live in permanently have shared their experiences online.  Many have started with a basic frame work built by a company and then used their own DIY skills to add features like an attic or storage. Even with some Ikea furniture a yurt can have a very modern, expensive feel!

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