New York Mountain

Imagine this scene. 

It’s late August. The sun is shining. The brilliant blue sky is dotted with a few fluffy clouds drifting listlessly in the distance.

“What a spectacular view!” You say breathlessly as you reach just one of many vista points on the New York Mountain trail. You look back over your shoulder to see your hiking companion trailing 50 feet behind you. They are muttering under their breath. Possibly they are complaining about wanting to have stayed behind chilling in the yurt today. However, you insisted on a quick cup of coffee, some breakfast oats and an early morning start.  And wasn’t it worth it!  

Finally your begrudging travelling companion catches up to you. The look of relief, awe and contentedness reflected in their face tells you it definitely has been worth it. Even if you had to be the one to get this show on the road this morning. You are now both rewarded for your efforts with a beautiful scene. An alpine landscape rolls out before you with luscious valleys and the statuesque peaks of the New York Range behind them. Your companion looks over, smiles and nods at you.

If you’re smiling to yourself picturing this scene (perhaps you are the one who prefers an extra hour in bed!) why not follow the New York Mountain trail yourself?

Trail Duration and what to expect

The trail is a there and back type trail rather than a loop. 15 kilometers in length and is of moderate difficulty with an elevation of 880m. It should take you 4 – 5 hours depending on the speed of your party. You can expect beautiful alpine views of the valleys and mountains of the area. There is some scrambling involved near the top so you will need to be reasonably fit but it is very manageable. 

How To Get There

Be prepared for a very rough drive to the trail. If you have a 4WD or a Jeep you’ll appreciate it! Starting from the town of Eagle, take the I-70 east until you reach the Edwards exit. Next take Highway 6 Southbound then head West. Drive 0.7 miles and make a right turn onto Lake Creek Road. Keep driving for another couple of miles then take a right turn onto West Lake Creek Road. Stay on this road until you reach Forest Road 423. This is the point you will feel grateful for your all terrain vehicle! If you are in a regular car you can park here and walk up the rest of the way. For 3.2 miles you’ll drive over very bumpy ground until you reach Baryeta Cabins. The start of the trail is on the right. 

Please be advised there are no toilet or washing facilities here and bikes are not allowed to go on the trails. Hiking only. Four legged friends will be pleased to know that dogs are permitted on the trail.

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